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Funding Municipal Politicians

In the Citizen today: Cullen is preparing a “motion asking the provincial government to give the city the power to ban all corporate and union donations to municipal election campaigns, and it’s bound to be controversial. Cullen, and some other … Continue reading

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Extending the O-Train

There have been many calls to extend the O-Train service north to Gatineau, or to increase its frequency using existing equipment. At transportation committee next week, according to the Citizen: a motion by Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson will also … Continue reading

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Guerilla Marketing

I love guerilla marketing – or as it is more often called today, viral marketing – when it is well done. Joe Contronio of Pub Italia is always amusing, whether its the faux-religious themes, the faux-Queensway signs or now, making … Continue reading

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Little things make a difference

Greenbelt Taggart Winter … then roadwork. How road reconstruction is handled makes a big difference to motorists and pedestrians too. Last year, on Preston, contractors used crowd control barricades to separate sidewalks from dug-up roads. These barriers, silver colored and … Continue reading

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Carlington Vet Houses celebration

click to enlarge and see the lady on the verandah Carlington community association held a celebration last Sunday to honour the war vets, the veterans housing estates built just south of Westgate Shopping Centre (the first suburban shopping centre in … Continue reading

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New Apartments on Preston

A sign recently appeared at the now-vacant properties at 193 Preston, promising the construction of low-rise rental apartments above a storefront. Clicking on the photo may enlarge it enough to see the artist sketch of the building beside Photo Lux … Continue reading

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Leadman’s DOTT meeting May 26th

Leadman’s ward bumps up against Somerset Ward where I live, almost on the border of the two, which is why this blog is named West Side Action, since I try to cover events that happen on the west side of … Continue reading

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