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Hoarding Sidewalk Space

From time to time we all come across ideas that just seem so right, we wonder why no one came up with it before. Consider the ugly plywood and 2×4 fences or construction sheds put over sidewalks while a building is … Continue reading

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One two three … Redlight !

New red light cameras have been installed on Albert a few metres west of Booth Street, presumably to catch east bound (downtown bound) traffic on Albert that runs the red light at Booth. Another camera has been installed at Albert … Continue reading

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S’no banking fun

One of the less joyous parts of winter is climbing through icy snowbanks on tiny rutted paths. Would you believe this is the main pedestrian entrance from the street to a bank? At this squeeze point, the snow-bound bike rack … Continue reading

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Laying the foundations for Z6 Condo on Booth St

Foundation forming boards still in racks as delivered into the hole by crane. Note the footings are in place around the perimeter, and part of the back concrete wall forms and re-bars have been put in place. west side The … Continue reading

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Keep your spirits up …

I didn’t know they were at risk of closing …

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Where cyclists cross …

Multipurpose path, aka a bike path, crosses a parking lot entrance. This is a crossing, not an intersection. Notice no painted crosswalk for the pedestrian users, as the crossing is not at an intersection. If at an intersection, there would … Continue reading

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Bixi Bike 2010

Readers may recall an earlier post about Ottawa-Gatineau having 50 bixi-bike stations in 2010. Recall that 4 stations were set up with a joint program of the City of Ottawa and Gatineau, coordinated and operated (and paid for?) by the NCC. … Continue reading

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