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Cornerstone foundation

The basement foundation for Cornerstone supportive housing for women apartment building on Booth, just south of Somerset, has been poured in place. Advertisements

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Boston bike box

A bike box is a painted area in front of the stop line. It permits cyclists to advance to the head of the queue of vehicles and go into the intersection first. It is especially useful when making turns. The … Continue reading

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Garden delight

This snap is of the the poppies growing in the community garden in front of the Dalhousie Community Centre, tended by Ida H. She started another garden at the corner of Upper Lorne and Somerset, which is also thriving.

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Fenway Park, Boston

Note how the stadium seating cantelevors out over the public street. This would certainly save space at Lansdowne Park and add some interest to walking along Bank Street. Advertisement outside the stadium. Click to enlarge and read the text. How … Continue reading

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Sidewalk sales

One of the purposes of the new wider sidewalks on traditional mainstreets is to encourage merchants to display merchandise outside, which enlivens the environment with changing displays. Recently, Preston Hardware has started taking advantage of the very wide sidewalk in … Continue reading

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Boston trash

Conventional plastic-bag-lined garbage containers were rare. These compactor models were ubiquitous. There are solar panels on the roof of the can to power it. It was necessary to pull the door open quite a way before placing the garbage in … Continue reading

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Postal Presence

All along Preston new posts shrouded in plastic have appeared. They are the new pay and display parking system to be rolled out all over the city in the coming months. They are coming by the truckload. Once operating, the … Continue reading

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