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Perilous View

View of emergency vehicles passing under the chinatown arch. Continue reading

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European shabby chic on Somerset

There is a brief bit of European shabby chic right now on Somerset, where Kelly’s funeral home is getting a refit. Continue reading

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Rainmaking at Planning and Environment Committee

The City approves rezoning 125 Hickory to 20 & 16 floors, provided a footbridge is precipitated. Opponents preferred an 11 storey development. However, a few blocks away, proposals for a 9 storey and 5 storey condos were condemmed as too high. Continue reading

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What streetscaping? I didn’t see no plants!

It takes all types of people to make up a world. Unfortunately, some of them are jerks. Continue reading

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Walking and talking sculptures

Sculptors took Ottawa residents on walking tours of the Wellington Marbles and Postcards from the Piazza. Continue reading

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Housing Shell Game

City social housing activists promise a Housing Answer at no cost to the city. Of course there’s a catch. Continue reading

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Somerset Lemmings Spotted (common or vulgaris sp.)

A case study of motorists being lemmings down on Somerset Street. Continue reading

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