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Little Italy in rope lights

This rope light outline of Italy was on a lamppost in Little Italy, Toronto. There were several different illustrations on successive lamp posts. Advertisements

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Toronto road diet

Christie Street in Toronto is painted in different configurations. The southern section is a typical urban arterial, like Bronson: four lanes squeezed into a tight right of way, traffic jostling for position and obviously unattractive to adjacent businesses and residents. The … Continue reading

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Bumpy stairs

Vandals shut down Primrose staircase. Continue reading

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Unofficial signs that need to be official …

If it was a “real” sign it would be mounted eight feet up in the air, pointed along the curb rather than parallel to it, and would be difficult and expensive to get installed. Instead, this private sign is conveniently … Continue reading

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Our Lady of the Condos, more Archly

The redevelopment of the Soeurs de la Visitation site on Richmond Road is a great opportunity for infill development and intensification. The City had the chance to buy the site for a park, and passed on it. An eight to twelve storey building along … Continue reading

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Elegant sidewalk treatment

The sidewalk treatment shown above is in front of the two Hudson condo towers by Charlesfort. In the foreground the smooth concrete band marks the public sidewalk. The brick paver area may be private property, or may be public (note the … Continue reading

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Pruning thoughts

City maintenance crews have been busy in our west side neighborhood. This is the pruning done on the west side of Plouffe Park, behind the Plant recreation complex. I am always alarmed at the “shave it off at the ground … Continue reading

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