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Chinatown Dead

There is another Chinatown in Ottawa, one less visited than Somerset Street. These photos are of the “Other Chinatown”: above: The entrance gateway is much more modest than the Somerset one. But then, the dead lead quieter lives. Pavillion with … Continue reading

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Boring information: read it here first

There are many ways to get information in the city. One is file freedom of information requests. Another way is to just ask the workers what they are doing. Each time I go by a new location with one of those … Continue reading

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Jollies on Lisgar Street

While walking down Lisgar Street last week I spotted this object lying on the pavement. Had it fallen out of someone’s car? If so, was it in use whilst driving or parked? Or did someone throw it out, having gotten … Continue reading

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Disappointed even in death?

  This Maple Leaf Christmas tree ornament hangs from a tree branch over a grave in Beechwood Cemetery. Was the interred a fan? Will the Leafs have him rolling over?

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Bronson 4 lane reconstruction postponed

Readers will recall the City’s plan first to widen Bronson at the expense of narrower sidewalks, later revised to some widening but still four lanes. Then at the public advisory group consultation last week they reported their initial results of modelling … Continue reading

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Sidewalk dining

Caffe Italia used to offer a blank wall to Gladstone sidewalk users. The wall is much banged up and patched as motorists periodically fail to make the turn. These cracks and patches are now so frequent that they make an … Continue reading

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Teletubbie bike rack

As seen at Parkdale Park in Hintonburg.

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