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Proposed development considers cyclists

A Toronto developer is proposing a 16 storey high-rise on a lot assembled on Gloucester Street, with some frontage on Lyon Street. It is kitty-corner the octagonal Minto Carlyle building (28 floors) and opposite the Minto-built stacked townhouse block that … Continue reading

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Old Trouble-maker reincarnated as MSM needs content

A friend (thanks Michelle!) sent me these links to an earlier incarnation of myself. Or maybe it was my doppelgänger. Back in July, 1980, a future unlicensed amateur blogger hit the front page of The Citizen and the morning radio … Continue reading

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Planning for salvation

There have been no end of critics for the Our Lady of the Condos site on Richmond Road; or for the Franciscan site in Overbrook (  The Dominican fathers on Empress have talked about selling their property. Now there’s a … Continue reading

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Instant renovations

Sometimes renovations can be almost instant, although they come at a price. I have this kitchen door to the side yard which I never liked very much: I saw an advert for a firm that puts new windows in existing … Continue reading

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Insulation tells a tale …

Note the semi-detached house in the centre of the picture. The near half, with the square skylight, has a totally bare roof. No snow cover. It melted away. From heat loss. Note the second half of the house, covered in … Continue reading

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Condo Car-toons

I think the woman in this cartoon looks alike Hillary Clinton, as she has a donkey on her brooch. She must charge a lot, but then those parking spaces on Laurier are precious too. After all, why should the condo make … Continue reading

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Flamin’ Cold

Baby, it’s cold outside. But this painted concrete pillar is decorated to heat you up. Then, come summer, there’s a pillar to cool you off.

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