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NCC closes popular cycling link after promising to keep it open

Readers may recall the brief brou-ha-ha in late June and early July, when the gate at the north end of Preston street was unexpectedly closed and locked. You can read about it here: (when you get to the link, scroll … Continue reading

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Safe parking

I do my best to pump up the Laurier bike lane numbers by cycling on it as often as I can. A quick trip to the Rideau Centre ended in a bit of confusion, as the sidewalk outside the mall on … Continue reading

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Tunnel goes underground

Faithful readers will have seen earlier posts showing the excavation under the Somerset Viaduct, the placing of the new multi-user path underpass precast sections, and most recently, their waterproofing. Here’s what’s been happening lately: This version of the Canadarm pumps cement … Continue reading

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To Clem, in Saudi Arabia

Note to reader: After a recent meeting with City staff and consultants, I found this piece of paper on the floor. I wasn’t being nosy, I was being tidy. But I couldn’t help noticing the text. It appears to be … Continue reading

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A rooting chance

  In urban environments trees have  a hard time surviving. Much of this is due to the abuse we inflict on them. Even when a tree well is provided, and a grate on top is installed to permit air flow and water … Continue reading

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Rewarding transit customers

Shopping centres and strip malls incur enormous costs in providing “free parking”. The costs of these spaces are buried in the price of merchandise, paid for equally by walk-ins, cyclists, and transit users as well as those who park there. As cities … Continue reading

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Real Estate Porn: the Elm edition

Ah, real estate porn. Featuring objects you cannot afford, splendors you can only dream about. And the opportunity to second guess and dump on the people that did spend the money to do what you wouldn’t have done! There have … Continue reading

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