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Variable standards

Listen, and I will tell you of one of the secret joys of working with City officials on neighborhood plans, especially transportation plans. I love hearing the city side telling us “we’d love to do that, but unfortunately, the [insert … Continue reading

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Parks Planning (ii)

Chaudiere Park is a well-used large-ish pocket park on Elm Street, between Rochester and Preston. It’s about 140′ along the street, and about 100′ deep. The park is dominated by a very large, very deep wading pool that delivers a freeze-your-bones-it’s-so-cold experience … Continue reading

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Park planning (i)

Last week, the City and Councilor held a public meeting regarding the upcoming renewal / rebuilding of Primrose and Chaudiere Parks (Chaudiere is on Elm Street, is an oversized pocket park). Today: Primrose Park. A number of residents had heard the project … Continue reading

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Inclusive grafitti

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Bronson pleas fall on deaf ears

      The City held its only public meeting on the reconstruction and widening of Bronson Avenue last night. Over 200 citizens attended. Only 130 chairs had been set out. The crowd was not hostile, but was suspicious of the … Continue reading

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Citizen coverage of Rescue Bronson

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Avenue of Lights

Work crews are rushing to finish up the Somerset Street reconstruction projects. The section west of Preston, to Bayswater, has its final coat of pavement, the sidewalks are down, and the work crews are putting up the light fixtures: In … Continue reading

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