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No Santa Claus, Please

  A few years there was a semi-popular (provided you were paying close attention to municipal issues) campaign called “one cent”. It advocated redirecting 1 cent of the GST to “the cities”. My problem with the old “1 cent” campaign, and probably … Continue reading

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Recirculating books

I use the Ottawa Public Library a lot. First, because I am frugal. It’s so cheap to use the Library … it’s free. Second, because I got over my need to hold onto books, to have walls of books that “prove … Continue reading

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Building a better underpass

I snapped this pic while in Toronto a few months ago. It illustrates several bits of better transportation engineering than we are likely to find in Ottawa. First, notice the dark line down the centre of the lane. It is … Continue reading

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Westboro tizzy (iv) – of benefits, incentives, and selling out

I was at Development Committee some time back when they voted on the Our Lady of the Condos development on Richmond Road. Then-councillor Leadman could count heads as well as anyone, and no doubt knew the vote was going against her. The audience was … Continue reading

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Westboro tizzy (iii)

As part of the Uniform Developments condo proposal for Roosevelt Avenue, the City/Councillor negotiated some “community benefits”. This consists of $200,000 worth of traffic calming and streetscaping to be paid for by Uniform. Here is an overview of the changes to … Continue reading

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Westboro tizzy (ii)

Well, that Westboro post of a few days ago certainly got the juices going of a number of readers who took time to construct clever and insightful responses. The “comments”  that follow that post are a goldmine of intelligent views. Do … Continue reading

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Big Easy Mural

The mural shown is on the side wall of a Preston Street restaurant called The Big Easy. While the mural implies there is a New Orleans-style building up the side street, there is only the Ottawa-Orleans -style big parking lot of … Continue reading

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