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One way street cycling

There are conflicting views about one way streets and cyclists. Some cyclists feel one way streets are designated that way for the convenience of motorists, and being human-powered “active transportation” mode, the rules simply don’t apply to them and cyclists should be … Continue reading

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Integrated intuitive wayfinding system for pedestrians

These few pictures are from a tourist-oriented city. No, not Ottawa. This is a cross walk, of course. You recognized it right a way. Red, for visibility. With a decorative wiggling line through the middle that invites walkers. Very unrigid. … Continue reading

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Dinner Plate Peony

  These peonies were absolutely HUGE. I’m sorry I didn’t have a dinner plate or satellite dish handy as a comparison. Nice things can grow in the City.  

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Just how fast do they go?

Residents frequently complain about speeding traffic.  Signs are only marginally effective, if the engineers design the roads to invite higher speeds. And make no doubt road design is not some innocent bystander in this. For years we have been making our roads … Continue reading

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Signs of the times

Councillor Hobbs hadn’t much support for her proposal to lower the residential speed limit to 40 kmh. In fact, her only supporter was Councillor Holmes. Where were these other councillors who moan about excessive speedy traffic? At the Mayor’s summit, … Continue reading

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Follow the signs

I wasn’t aware that Ottawa had any bike path or multi-user path directional signage. We see lots of useful NCC signage. Here is the first Ottawa sign I have seen (may there be many more):

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Turtle racing on Petrie Island

I don’t recall ever being to Petrie Island before. So it was a bit of an adventure. To get there, it’s a dirt road marked with warning signs of “turtle crossing”. Alas, the speed limit (merely a suggestion, if one … Continue reading

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