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The Joy of the Old

Jane Jacobs made a good point in her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities: Neighbourhoods that are older develop a patina, and a collection of buildings and infrastructure of various ages, in various states of maintenance or … Continue reading

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Somerset Street – the Silk Road

The fabled silk road ran from Europe to China, on the route blazed by Marco Polo. Charlene Lafontaine named the sculptural glass pieces of art on the recently reconstructed bit of Somerset after the silk road. Here is a nifty … Continue reading

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Respecting Heritage

I’m certainly no purist on Heritage, and I can have a pretty utilitarian view of preserving heritage when convenient, by changing it up when I think it can be made more useful. I was puzzled a few years ago when the City … Continue reading

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Churchill reconstruction to include raised bike lane

For some time, the City has been planning the reconstruction of Churchill from Byron southwards. It includes a number of the increasingly “typical’ Ottawa features of reconstructed streets: recessed parking bays (I don’t know if they’ll be brick or asphalt, I … Continue reading

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WestSideAction is moving

West side action is moving to     (note the “” has been removed). Some  October posts have disappeared for some browsers. I am working on restoring them. And the wordpress-hosted site has filled up all its capacity (too many posts … Continue reading

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The late, unlamented Champagne Freeway

When Jacques Greber, a French planner was hired to redesign the Capital of Canada in the 30’s and 40’s, he came up with a number of ideas that sort of worked (riverside parkland everywhere, accessed only by scenic “parkways”) , and … Continue reading

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Update on OTrain bike path (MUP)

A lot has happened on the new multi-user path (aka bike path) being constructed along the east side of the OTrain from the Ottawa River to Young Street, which then joins the existing path that runs further south to Carling Avenue. … Continue reading

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