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Churchill reconstruction to include raised bike lane

For some time, the City has been planning the reconstruction of Churchill from Byron southwards. It includes a number of the increasingly “typical’ Ottawa features of reconstructed streets: recessed parking bays (I don’t know if they’ll be brick or asphalt, I … Continue reading

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Update on OTrain bike path (MUP)

A lot has happened on the new multi-user path (aka bike path) being constructed along the east side of the OTrain from the Ottawa River to Young Street, which then joins the existing path that runs further south to Carling Avenue. … Continue reading

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Bicycle tracks on the west side

A new sign has appeared on Albert Street near Empress (by the Good Companions, aka where Albert and Slater meet). It directs cyclists south along Empress, and up the stairs to get to Laurier. Now I recognize that this is … Continue reading

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Cyclists don’t shop, I guess

I’ve had occasion to cycle up to the Rideau Centre several times in the last two weeks. I noticed that there is exactly one small bike rack, on the south side, by DND. It’s not attractive for me to use … Continue reading

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Update on the OTrain MUP

What has happened in the  two weeks since worked started on the new multi-user path (aka MUP, or bike path) running from the Macdonald Parkway by the Prince of Wales Railway Bridge south to Bayview Station, behind City Centre Building, to the … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’: Palo Alto bike boulevards

The City of Palo Alto is not far from San Francisco, in Silicon Valley. It is a university and hi tech town, with lots of cycling and cyclists. There are a number of factors that make it attractive to cycle: short-ish distances, … Continue reading

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Dept. of Silly Signs

I used to have a keyboard that came complete with a user warning of carpel tunnel syndrome or something like that. Seemed pretty silly, and not very likely to render the vendor “sue proof”.   Then I saw this… I think … Continue reading

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