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WestSideAction is moving

West side action is moving to     (note the “” has been removed). Some  October posts have disappeared for some browsers. I am working on restoring them. And the wordpress-hosted site has filled up all its capacity (too many posts … Continue reading

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The late, unlamented Champagne Freeway

When Jacques Greber, a French planner was hired to redesign the Capital of Canada in the 30’s and 40’s, he came up with a number of ideas that sort of worked (riverside parkland everywhere, accessed only by scenic “parkways”) , and … Continue reading

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Alternatives to flowers

above: a plumber’s garden box, that ironically needs no watering above: scene outside a coffee shop. Plastic mugs, plastic grass. What was the java made of?   Moral: never throw anything out. A pile of similar junk can be carefully … Continue reading

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Moving beyond compatible intensification and infill (part ii)

Neighborhoods come and go in trendiness. A trendy location in Copenhagen is the “potato fields” area, Kartoffelraekkerne. The former working housing, consisting of three storey flats, is now very popular with those whom Richard Florida would label the “creative class” (including architects, … Continue reading

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Syringes in trees

Spotted along the Macdonald Parkway bikepath: Could be treatment for emerald ash borers. There were a number of large-ish trees with similar paint markings.

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The Velociraptor-free version of Oh Canada

Hey, it’s a holiday weekend. Time to enjoy ourselves. Here’s a new version of Oh Canada, complete with velociraptors and ducks guarding yin-yang ponds. This is a good time to turn up the volume on your sound. And enlarge the … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

Andy Haydon park has a nice kids waterplay feature, a leftover from the Nepean days, the sort of admirable and interactive play structure Ottawa’s park planners love to avoid. I suspect that as bits wear out they won’t be replaced with … Continue reading

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